Immersive Now

Orange presents Immersive Now, its Virtual Reality application

Immersive Now is the showcase for Orange's immersive services, offering an unparalleled virtual reality experience.

Discover our range of unique virtual reality content, watch it alone or with friends in your own cinema, personalize your avatar and visit the Orange store (currently only available in Spain).

Immersive Now can be downloaded free of charge from the iOS, Android and Oculus stores.

Discover Immersive Now

Access to certain videos is reserved for Orange subscribers.

Share this experience with your friends

Immersive Now allows Orange subscribers to invite up to 3 friends into their living room to visit the Orange shop and watch videos together.

Experience great moments and share your emotions live via voice chat.

Personalise your presence in virtual worlds

Configure your avatar and assert your personality in our virtual reality application.

Immersive Now relies on Ready Player Me to offer a high-quality avatar solution that has been acclaimed by many players in the market. Your avatar can also be found in other virtual reality and metaverse applications.

Visit our shop

Only available in Spain

Visit the Orange virtual shop and discover the best of Orange offers.

A real customer service team is waiting for you to answer your questions about our offers, and also to provide you with solutions if you encounter a technical problem.

Ask for an appointment and within 5 minutes, one of our representatives will meet you in a private room where you can talk in complete confidentiality.

A unique experience on smartphones, tablets and VR headsets

Immersive Now lets you enjoy and share immersive experiences on iOS or Android mobile phones and tablets, as well as on Meta Quest VR headsets.

VR headsets allow you to take immersion even further and even discover a new way of watching 2D video content in a virtual cinema.

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