Immersive Now

Orange presents Immersive Now, its Virtual Reality application

Immersive Now is Orange's 360° entertainment and events platform that offers a unique virtual reality experience.

Discover a wide range of unique virtual reality content and live events, that are also available in replay. This app is available for free on the iOS, Android and Oculus stores.

What is VR?

VR or Virtual Reality is a technology that allows the user to be in total immersion in a virtually created environment. This space can be inspired by an existing place or can be completely imaginary.

This technology enables senso-motor activity in an artificial world. To ensure total immersion, the user uses a virtual reality headset, which uses a stereoscopic 3D display.

Discover Immersive Now application

Reserved for Orange subscribers

Access a wide range of 360° content with Immersive Now

Available on smartphones and tablets

Discover our premium videos in 360°. Tour the globe from your couch. Take part in a safari!
Practice extreme sports by paragliding, snowboarding or surfing with Redbull.

Experience exceptional events live from your living room. Take advantage of virtual reality to get closer to the action. Choose your ideal viewing angle so you don't miss out on the experience.

  • Immersive Now

  • Marina Kaye Concert VR

  • Hyphen Hyphen Concert VR

  • Immersive Now

  • Immersive Now

Go even further in
immersion with Oculus Quest

Experience new things with VR

View a lot of 360° content.
Immerse yourself in our unique events as if you were there.
Discover a new way to watch 2D content in the virtual cinema which includes: live Orange TV and your favorite series and films on OCS.

Travel to a luxurious villa in paradise and explore all its nooks and crannies. Thanks to the app's version for Oculus, you can discover new uses for Orange services.

  • Immersive Now

  • New York City

  • Tour du Monde

  • Danseur Etoile

  • Teleport Africa

  • Dolphins’ Dance